Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Running and Half Marathons in South Carolina

South Carolina has a fairly busy half marathon schedule for the fall season, with 6 half marathons in October, and 5 half marathons in November, and wraps up the year with 2 half marathons in December.  The month of October in South Carolina is still a little warm, reaching average high temps in the mid 70's, though November is ideal with average high temps in the upper 60's.  Runners love to travel to South Carolina to enjoy running along the ocean, making for a great vacation combining a half marathon with a little vacation time beach side.  May through September half marathon race season slows down due to the heat, but half marathons continue to grow throughout the spring and fall seasons.  South Carolina had a total of 27 half marathons in 2012, growing to a total of 36 half marathons for the 2014 calendar year. To view all half marathons in SC, visit the South Carolina Half Marathons calendar.

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