Thursday, November 10, 2011

Camp Croft Trail Half Marathon coming up this weekend Nov 12, 2011

Trail Half Marathons are growing, and Camp Croft Half Marathon appears to be a great trail event taking place at Camp Croft State Park in Spartanburg South Carolina this weekend with the weather looking to a beautiful sunny day, maybe a little chilly in the morning, but a high of 65 degree forecast, .... perfect running weather!  Only 3 aid stations on the course, so runners may want to bring extra water for this challenging course.  Other trail run half marathons throughout the year in South Carolina include the Francis Marion Dirt Dash Half Marathon in the month of September and the ever growing Xterras, the Xterra Trail Half Marathon taking place in Columbia, SC in the month of July.  Coming from being a road runner all my life and trying my first trail half marathon this past year, I'd forewarn any of the typical half marathon runners to start out with a shorter trail distance for your first trail event.  Trail events are a lot of fun, but definitely take more effort to complete than running a road half marathon.  I learned the hard way, haha.  Good luck to all you runners participating this weekend, and if you notice any half marathons missing from our South Carolina Half Marathon Calendar at , please give us a shout.   CONTACT

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